Boudoir Posing Tips: Avoid a Double Chin in Photos

Before we start on the boudoir posing tips I have to give you, let me clear up that I do not look down on any type of body and the women you see in these photos never disclosed being self conscious about their chin. As a photographer, my goal is to make you feel and look your best and for that I pose you in ways I believe you look the most flattering.

Photography is the art of manipulating light, shadows, and playing with optical illusions. This blog contains tips that will give you more flattering photos if you’re constantly unhappy with how your chin looks in photos. This will also help with “neck rolls”.

Boudoir session in Galveston beach

Boudoir session in Galveston at the beachBoudoir session in Galveston at the beach

Boudoir session in Galveston at the beachBoudoir session in Galveston at the beach

Although I support body positivity, people like me, who are self conscious, still want tips on how to look their best in photos and that’s why you’re reading this. My intention by writing this post is to encourage you to take photos despite your fears.

Through my years as a photographer, I have found one common complaint is the “double chins” (reality check: we all have them if we try hard enough!!!). Therefore, I don’t mean for this post to be a way to beat yourself up, rather I want to share some techniques that are flattering to any face, regardless of your weight—which that’s another post in itself and you can read on that here.

I started photography because I felt very self conscious about my looks. I thought I didn’t have curves, I felt fat, the whole nine yards on low self esteem. Now I photograph myself despite my fears because I know years from now, I will appreciate my body and my beauty despite how hard I’ve ever been on myself. You are not alone, we all feel self conscious to some degree.

I want you to know you are beautiful to the people around you and you just need to believe it as well!

Repeat out loud:

I am beautiful and I want to be kind to myself what I’m about to read are tips on ways to enhance my natural beauty on camera and has nothing to do with who I am as a person.

A Boudoir Posing Tip You Can Take Outside the Camera: Long Hair Will Naturally Elongate Your Face and Accentuate Your Jaw Line

    1. On the side that is facing the camera pull some hair to cover your neck. This accentuates your jaw bone and hide any “neck rolls”
    2. In general, if you have a round face, like me, and you want to make it appear slimmer, always get your first layer of hair to be at the chin level or below. If you go shorter than your jaw level, your face will appear more round. Note that I’ve also done hair cuts that go above my jaw level and it’s simply to put myself outside my comfort zone and rock my round face 🙂
boudoir poses of your back

Create More Interest During your Boudoir Session by Tilting Your Head Towards the Camera

Leaning your face towards the camera will make your jaw line more prominent and will hide the extras you’re self conscious about. You can also experiment with tilting your head slightly left or right to create more interest and dissipate the so called double chin.

Boudoir in Galveston by Viva La Marx Photography

Stick Your Chin Out Like a Turtle

    1. Pretend you’re trying to smell a rose that’s a tiny bit too far and a bit too high from your nose. I know it sounds and feels ridiculous, but it’s more like you’re tilting your chin out and towards the sky. You should feel like the back of your neck is getting some tension.  
    2. If you’re facing straight into the camera, tilting your head to the right or to the left, will not only create more interest to your photos, but it will also give your jaw line more definition. 
Bridal boudoir

Shoot From Above

Last but not least, shots from angles from above are flattering for your chin, but you don’t want to over do it and that’s why you can apply all of the other tips above to create variety. 

Again, these boudoir posing tips come from a photographer who is self conscious about taking pictures herself. When I photograph you, I keep in mind things you’ve mentioned you’re self conscious about and either help you dress with items that will hide those parts you’re not comfortable with or pose you in ways that will dissipate all those things we as women always complain are “wrong with us”. In reality, you are used to seeing yourself from a frontal angle and hardly ever from your back, side, and top angles and you will be pleasantly surprised as to how good you actually look!

I understand if some people are wanting to be bold about the things they feel uncomfortable with precisely to conquer their fears and bring themselves outside their comfort zone, but that’s why your boudoir session will always be personalized to you and is the main reason I interview you on the phone before you even hire me. In my experience I attract women who are more on the shy side and feel they want to boost their self esteem through a boudoir session as opposed to feeling overly confident in how they look and feel. I am ecstatic to help you see and feel YOUR BEST!

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