A common hold back to a boudoir session is to lose weight!

Losing weight for boudoir session

One of the most common hold backs for a woman to do her boudoir session is TO LOSE WEIGHT! aaaahhhhh!  It’s a never ending journey we girls have since we start puberty, our weight!


Should I lose weigh for my boudoir session? What if I look horrible? What if I put myself on a diet? The self doubt settles in. We are constantly bombarded with ads and idols who are slim and we can’t help but compare ourselves to them.

In the real world, however, the perfect little waist is not always a reality for the majority of women, not all of us are tall, or have long hair to prove we are feminine “enough”. Unfortunately not enough ad campaigns showing real women which increase our frustrations.

Be your own inspiration

Well, what if I told you that we can create our own campaigns?! Instead of continuing to look up to people who don’t necessarily look like ourselves, let’s create art with our own bodies. I think it’s time for some change and what I’m offering you is to be your own model, your own inspiration!

Undoubtedly, when you do a boudoir session that’s part of what we are doing; we are designing magazine worthy photographs you will get to hang in your bedroom wall or keep in a beautiful book where you can look at it over and over again as a constant reminder of your beauty inside and out.

Opposite to what you might believe, it’s not necessary to lose weight for your boudoir session! Defeating your current mental battles is more important than your weight. You know how many times I’ve told myself I am fat? thousands of times! And guess what? Today I’m at my highest weight ever! Now when I look at my photos I think, omg, I was so skinny haha! Why did I think I was fat? It’s like we’re trained to think we are! We are trained to focus on what we are not instead of celebrating who we are!

While you are trying to lose weight, others are trying to gain

The most common complaint is the “I look fat” but did you know that there’s also plenty of women out there who feel too skinny? Or they feel like they don’t have enough curves or cleavage? The common denominator here is that we don’t feel “good enough”.

While I don’t discourage anyone from doing the changes they need to make to feel good about themselves, I do want to encourage you to embrace your god-given traits.

You might ask yourself, well, first you’re telling me to accept myself the way I am but you say you don’t discourage anyone from seeking to to change their body. Well, the reality is that your happiness and confidence is more important than anything else. I mainly want to support you on your journey rather than judge you for trying to lose or gain weight. There’s also those who are considering getting surgery to get implants or get rid of loose skin. Some of you have conquered severe illnesses that now require cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. The reality is I don’t know your whole story only you do.

I don’t want to judge you and the journey because above all you should seek the route that’s going to make you happy.

lose weight for boudoir

Focus on your qualities and your health

The truth is, we are never satisfied with the way we look. We are always looking to pick at our flaws. Instead, I want to encourage you to concentrate on your good assets. Focus on what you like about your body, focus on your energy, on your character and you will see you have so many qualities.

Overall, also just think about what your body allows you to do every single day, from seeing to smelling to feeling. Some of us have given life to a new human being, that’s amazing! Our bodies are amazing!  Despite how mean we are to our bodies, our body is still very kind to us because it allows us to be present in our lives by allowing us to see, to taste, to smell, it allows us to hug, to love and be loved.

losing weight for boudoir

To Conclude, don’t wait until you lose weight to be kind to your body. Instead, focus on documenting who you are and what makes you, YOU! It’s time we celebrate your joy and stop focusing all our energy in bullying your body. Yes, it’s fine to work towards a healthy lifestyle, absolutely! Mainly because we want to enjoy life in our best condition, but also just allow yourself some grace and don’t give up on those goals, but while they happen, if you feel like you want to document your body NOW, just do it! because deep inside what you are craving is some healing, some acceptance, and a celebration of who you are TODAY!

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