Go beyond the bedroom to embrace and celebrate who you are!  It’s really up to you how you want me to help you capture this phase in your life. If you feel a great connection to nature, I’m definitely down to capture you in the outdoors! 

Boudoir sessions in Galveston

Feel confident and empowered

The first step to creating even more astounding photos begins with a phone chat in which I get to know you a little bit better and helps me create portraits that fit your style. All of my clients have expressed the main reason they seek to do their boudoir session with me is to gain more confidence and to get out of their comfort zone.

Above all, I want you to know I’m a great listener and I am grateful you are allowing me the opportunity to make a difference in your life.  Nothing motivates me more than hearing that you feel more confident and empowered right after your photo session!

Thank you so much for making this experience one I will never forget! I haven’t even seen the photos yet and I already love that I did this for me.” – Cierra

You want to document your body before a baby, your body while pregnant, your body after having a baby, your celebration of weight loss, your motivation to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

You may be celebrating your single-hood, you are overcoming depression, overcoming an abusive relationship, celebrating you got divorced, or you are trying to overcome self esteem blocks.

You may be celebrating that you at last have accepted who you are and you’ve never felt any happier in your life!

As women there’s so many things that happen to us that affect the way we think about ourselves, but I truly believe that having your portraits taken is a way to heal, to accept yourself, and a way to show your vulnerability and strength!

With all that being said, thank you for allowing me to be part of your life and trusting me with your intimacy

“SO PROUD OF MYSELF! Absolutely worth it!!”.- Nicole

boudoir session in the Medina River

“Marixa is amazing to say the very least! She made me feel confident and comfortable with every shot she took. She takes her time and captures images that are absolutely stunning.”- Bri

Receive guidance on what to wear

When you book your session, you will receive one on one guidance on what to wear and a list of places to shop for your lingerie.  You will also have access to robes for a more romantic look or guidance as to where to get your own.

Part of doing your boudoir session is that you continue to wear your lingerie at home and continue to feel confident in your skin! So, if you currently don’t walk around the house with only lingerie on, from time to time, let this be the beginning!

Feel beautiful and pampered

So many times we neglect ourselves and as women we are constantly taking care of others, so I want you to allow yourself to be pampered. So, you will have access to a complementary makeover by a professional hair and make up artist that will come to the comfort of your home or will provide her services in studio. You just relax and see your transformation!

“It’s an extreme confidence booster. It was also fun shopping for some new lingerie and getting to feel like a supermodel!”-Jennifer

Boudoir photographer in Pearland

I will be guiding you through poses that will accentuate your curves and femininity.  Part of my process is that I constantly communicate with you as I photograph you giving you feedback and instruction. Not all bodies are the same, so I don’t pose all bodies the same. I am patient and we will try different methods to accomplish beautiful portraits. I’ll make you smile, laugh, and maybe even dance just to get you in your zone! Let’s just say you may find boudoir is more laughter than you thought!

Marixa was amazing at posing and making me feel so comfortable.”- Kiara

Boudoir session in Galveston

Invite your girlfriend or your partner and share the fun!

If you feel you need an additional hype girl to do this with you, feel free to invite your girl friend! I have had plenty of sessions in which two friends do their session back to back. You can even do this for your bachelorette party and give your bridesmaids a personal experience they can keep for a lifetime!

If you are up for it, you can also do this with your partner. More and more couples are jumping into documenting their sensuality. Whatever yo have in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. I’m always up for creating beautiful and sophisticated portraits of you!bachelorette party at Still Waters Ranch in Alvin, Texas

boudoir session with a friend

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