Simple Wedding Invitations and Wedding Invitation Websites!

Simple Wedding Invitations by Basic Invite
Simple Wedding Invitations Basic Invite

Creating simple wedding invitations is part of the initial stages of your wedding planning. So if you are newly engaged, you’ve come to the right place! I decided to write this blog because I constantly see brides asking for unique invitations they can design themselves. I came across Basic Invite an online website that creates wedding invitations and wedding invitation websites through a user friendly experience!

Basic Invite provides simple wedding invitations with endless possibilities of colors, templates, and customizations you can preview right before your eyes! Seriously, creating your wedding invitation couldn’t get any easier. Also, rest assured, they have modern and stylish designs to match your personality!

Simple Wedding Invitations

Ability to Order Proofs!

The best part is that Basic Invite provides you the ability to print a proof before you decide to place your final order. It’s definitely a great service to ensure your invitation will be exactly how you designed it online.

Another awesome feature is that they have over 40 different colors for envelopes that are peel and seal with the ability to conveniently print your guest’s address on the envelope! You create a link through their website to collect all of your guest’s addresses and you’re set to a professional finish!

Also, don’t worry about not being able to match the colors and invitations correctly or spending endless amount of time trying to coordinate save the dates, wedding invitations, enclosure cards, wedding menus, wedding programs because Basic Invite will even match your thank you cards! yay! (happy dance). Your wedding will look well put together in no time!

Basic Invite
Simple Wedding Invitations

Design a Wedding Invitation Website!

Another great idea for keeping your guests up to date with changes and maybe a bit of behind the scenes fun little wedding planning posts, is through the creation of a wedding invitation website! I created a website for my own wedding planning almost 6 years ago! It was actually very fun and it really gave me all the feels because it just showed our journey together!

Wedding Invitation Website

You’d be surprised how much more engagement you’ll get from your guests, especially from those who have seen your relationship from afar will feel a deeper connection through the story telling of your wedding invitation website!

Most importantly, your guests will have quick access to maps or the links to the hotel they will be staying in. They will feel in the loop about all that is happening from the convenience of their cell phones before and during the wedding. The best part about your wedding invitation website is that it’s free!

Well ladies, I hope you found this blog inspirational and helpful! Time for you to hop on to Basic Invite and start designing your wedding invitations! Have some fun and catch some deals if you can!

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Simple Wedding Invitations by Basic Invite