Laura & Josh Wedding |Houston based photographer 

Wedding location: Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Congrats Laura and Josh on your commitment to spend the rest of your lives together! Thank you for having me capture this very special moment in your lives. We all had a blast! 

Photography by Houston based wedding Photographer Marixa Andrade

Laura’s dress


Bridesmaids dresses


Letter from the groom to Laura before the wedding, it always add sentimental value to the couple, I would not skip this small but intimate detail.laura-josh-houston-based-photographer-wedding-5

Dad and Bride- First look! 

Making her way to church




Waiting for the bridelaura-josh-houston-based-photographer-wedding-37

Meeting Josh at the altarlaura-josh-houston-based-photographer-wedding-4

Handing over the bride to Josh


Josh’s parents giving them their blessing


Josh and Laura are married!!!


Small little family with Sophia as their link to each other’s lives, forever, not exaggerating here!

After the ceremony, most couples relax, so a limo is always a good way to wind down all the nerves from the big “I Do” and hoping all goes well with the little details. However, if anything does not turn according to plan, do not stress, and keep smiling, it’s your wedding day and you are the hero of the story from start to end!


Wedding Party, beautiful colors chosen by the bride. I just loved them due to the colors not being all one color. 


Laura chose this bench because it brought her memories of Yuriria, Guanajuato, Mexico, the small town she’s from.


It’s time to cut the cake, a very simple, but elegant cake, which I thought the natural flowers were the elegance and the “Te Amo” words a very romantic and personal message to one another. It just made it feel very personal from my perspective.


In love. When you dance, don’t forget to soak in all the feelings you have for your partner, it will not only let you enjoy that moment to the fullest, but also, it makes better photos! So, take a deep breath at this point, relax, and let the love you have for your partner flow.


Dancing “La Marcha” a traditional dance at weddings in New Mexico; this was so much fun! 


Dancing with dad


Dancing with Mom



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