Having a Summer Wedding in Houston

June 23, 2018 – Lindsey and Carlo decided to tie the knot and have a June Wedding in Houston at Avant Garden, a small to medium wedding venue on Westheimer. The place transpires an eccletic character, is colorful and homely. The garden, particularly, is very cozy, so I was very happy to be Carlo and Lindsey’s photographer at this particular place!

Through this blog, I want to share the highlight of their wedding, which they wanted an organic and true representation of who they are with the people most involved in their lives. Carlo and Lindsey are charismatic, fun, dedicated, and very down to earth.

If you want to view the full wedding and make print purchases for yourself from this wedding, you can visit This Link 

First Look with Dad

Having a late June wedding in Houston posed a challenge because we thought it might be very hot, but we actually made use of the indoors whenever we could. However, it was not as hot as we had imagined it would be.

To avoid the heat and allow for some privacy, I suggested Lindsey do a first look with her dad inside. She was worried that doing a first look was going to ruin her make up because she knew she might cry. I’m glad she went for it because this moment allowed for an intimate moment between them. There’s nothing better than allowing for emotions to run free during your wedding, in my opinion!

The Ceremony

For the ceremony, Carlo and Lindsey kept it short but filled with anecdotes from their relationship in their wedding vows.  They had themselves and their guests laughing and picturing their relationship along the way.

The Wedding Vows

To be honest, it was really nice to photograph a very small wedding party because this keeps the focus on the bride and groom and close family. If it hadn’t been for this aspect of their wedding, I would not have had so much time to create bridals and single groom photos for this couple!

Carlo had Monica for his “best man” and Lindsey had Josh, her brother, as her “bridesmaid”, which I thought was very witty of them! In the end, it’s about involving those who “get you”and the photo below is proof of that! LOL

After family formal photos, we then walked around the venue and made photos of Lindsey and Carlo. These portraits will make it on to their home’s walls, a wedding album, or an heirloom box.

Fanning off the heat!

Wedding Dinner and Toasts

While we were making portraits of the bride and groom, guests went for cocktail hour, which is always a really nice idea, this takes pressure off the bride and groom to “entertain” their guests. They can actually take advantage of me, the photographer, to go crazy with creative portraits of the two of them! To be honest, I literally live for this moment during a wedding!

Also, I’d like to mention that Lindsey and Carlo also had envisioned their wedding to be about the toasts. Loved ones spoke about their relationship, adding meaningful content to their wedding celebration! I particularly like these kind of weddings because the emotions run very high and I’m able to capture real smiles and sometimes tears…

The cake!

Lindsey and Carlo, besides the cake, also had a table filled with sweets and other snacks they enjoy. I asked them to choose the snack they enjoyed the most and feed it to each other. They really enjoyed doing this as much as cutting the cake =)

Well, you have reached the end of Lindsey and Carlo’s wedding! I hope you enjoyed looking back at their special day and you got some ideas for your own wedding one day!

You can view their full wedding on better resolution on this link and make purchases of prints here as well, for your convenience and that of the bride and groom:Lindsey and Carlo

Curious details:

This wedding was covered in 6 hours

This wedding was covered with my sister as second photographer. In this particular blog, the images of the groom getting ready are hers: J.Andrade Visual Arts  

This wedding had anywhere between 60-80 guests

This wedding had the BEST food I’ve ever had at any wedding!

Taco Truck and flowers were provided by Mariana at Avant Garden