Dominique and Brittney are two innovative wedding planners in Houston, two lovely sisters running Yvette and Marie Events. Their style is elegant, timeless, and modern.

I have worked with them several times now and it is very impressive how they go above and beyond for their clients. They come up with innovative ideas and problem solve on the spot, which is always in the best interest of any bride on the day of her wedding, if you ask me!

Please meet Dominique and Brittney and find out why you should consider hiring a wedding planner.

Most often than not, people believe they will be able to handle all the details from their wedding. However, they do not count on the fact that on the day of, they will be busy getting ready, taking portraits, entertaining people, being the main subject of every single event at almost any moment in time during the day. So, it gets difficult to juggle the logistics of all that needs to be set up, where, and when.

What do wedding planners do?

Wedding planners help you from the get go, from choosing vendors that fit your style and budget. Innovative wedding planners will also give you creative ideas to keep your wedding in style, entertaining, and true to your personality, AND when you choose a full service package, they will bring everything together for you.

On the day of your wedding, they will make sure that every detail you discussed throughout the planning process (could have been months) takes place and is honored. These details are things like communicating with other vendors—where the cake goes, where the decore and flowers need to be set up, directing your guests to the right locations, making sure the lighting, the music, and the timing is all running smoothly for you. They are basically your clone, looking out for you, making sure you will be happy!

Although all the things that I’ve mentioned sound very easy to do, like a no brainer, you’ll be surprised by the polished look a wedding planner is able to get on the physical look of the wedding, and not to mention making sure every detail takes place on time and looks just like you wanted it.

On the day of the wedding, your close friends and family members are also very highly requested by the photographer and guests, to give you an example. In all honesty, they are unable to focus on all these details 100%. In addition, your friends and family may have little to no experience on running a wedding timeline.

In the case of Yvette and Marie Events, you not only have one coordinator, but two, which eases the workload and are able to quickly set up and quickly pick up when the wedding ends.

Your friends and family will be just as tired as you or wanting to go on with the festivities of the wedding, so wedding planners allow for you to leave the venue worry-free as well!

Where can I find a Wedding Planner?

You can find an innovative wedding planner in Houston by asking your venue for their preferred vendors. As you hire professionals for your wedding, normally they will refer you to others. Most couples prefer to hire people they were recommended, rather than trying out a vendor themselves for the very first time.

You can also use social media platforms, such as Facebook, to find groups directed at brides helping each other find wedding professionals. Here are some Houston groups that can be helpful to you:

Best of Houston Wedding Vendors

Bride to Bride North Houston

Bride to Bride Houston and Surrounding

How can I get in touch with Dominique and Brittney?

You can go straight to their website and fill out their contact form here, they will get in touch with you and see if you are a right fit for each other!

I hope this blog was helpful to you! Please feel free to share with any other bride planning her wedding. Do consider what kind of experience you want for your big day, and decide whether or not you need a professional to help you run it!

You can also leave me any comments asking me more questions or suggesting any other topics you’d like to learn about. I’ll be more than happy to share my professional experiences with you!

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Until next time…and remember to invest in memories and to invest in experiences!