Bride and groom at The Springs Event Venue

What if it rains on your wedding day?

Angela and Lionel married September 15, 2018, at The Springs Event Venue in Angleton, Texas. This year, September happened to be one of the rainiest months we had. In this blog, I want to share their Houston Rain or Shine Wedding experience and how you can make the best out of the situation!

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There is nothing anyone can do to stop the rain, however we encouraged Angela to think positive and reassure her that her wedding would be beautiful no matter what!

It is during these instances that it pays off to hire experienced wedding professionals who can quickly help you adjust your wedding to unpredictable weather conditions, to stay on time, all while you and your guests relax!

The advantage of of hiring professionals to coordinate, photograph, and video your wedding is the fact that they have problem solved issues that present at the wedding and are ready to make adjustments that do not sacrifice what you had envisioned or artistic output.

In the case of Angela’s wedding, coordinator Lisa, was ready to rearrange the ceremony site inside. I was ready to take photos in the porticos of the venue.

Communication is the key. I had spoken with Lisa, a few days prior to the wedding, about possibly needing an umbrella to make the photos outdoors happen for Angela. Lisa got ready with two umbrellas in case of rain! These are the perks of using vendors who know each other, who work together to make you happy, and look out for you without you even knowing!

If Angela had not wanted photos outside, I was equipped with lighting to make photography happen inside.

The videographers at EP Films were ready to accommodate to the circumstances as well and they were a joy to work with!

Groom expecting bride at the altar
Bride and groom romantic photos
Rain or Shine you take bride and groom photos

Enjoy the Circumstances

Let’s say that your wedding day is not going as planned because of the weather or details that did not come out as you thought they would, rain or shine, you will still enjoy your wedding!

Yes, it’s fun to plan all the details, the decor, the timeline, but it’s more important that you remember why you are there, which is to celebrate the love between you and your partner. So, instead of stressing over how it’s not going perfect, just look around you and you will notice that everyone is happy for you! Embrace the circumstances, laugh at the mishaps, and smile; never quit smiling and your stress will dissipate, trust me!

Pareja de Novios en The Springs Event Venue in Angleton, Texas
Rain will make outdoor photography more lucious

Focus on the Meaningful Moments

One of the moments where all of your guests get to connect with your love story is during the toasts.

They all see the beautiful bride, the pretty details, but also let them see what and how life brought the two of you together!

It’s a good idea to choose people who are close to both of you. They don’t have to be great speakers, you know they will speak from the heart.

However, it never hurts to request they write the speech to avoid being over taken by shyness and to stay on topic.

Always face the couple and occasionally face the audience. You will not only get better photography and video when doing this, but it will also help make an emotional connection to the newly weds!

Reception Entrance at The Springs Event Venue

Once the toasts are given, it’s really time to relax and enjoy your party!

Enjoy your first dance, imagine no one is watching, truly concentrate on your partner. Smile! So many couples forget to smile!  Twirl, dip her, kiss her, caress each other, the possibilities are endless!

Cut the cake not being afraid to mess it up or drop it, but also have fun with it! Laugh at the fact that this is the biggest cake you have ever messed with and everyone is watching! Feed each other, kiss, throw some cake at each other if you want, be yourself, it’s your wedding day!

If you are doing the bouquet and garter toss, take your time, have fun with it, play around! People are on a happy high and you should just enjoy it, rain or shine!

Bride having fun on the dance floor at The Springs Event Venue Angleton
Cute wedding ideas in your Houston Wedding
Bride and groom dancing outside at The Springs Event Venue in Angleton
Ecofetti wedding exit fun at The Springs Event Venue in Angleton
Ecofetti rain or shine wedding exit

Vendors Involved in this Houston Rain or Shine Wedding

Here are the vendors involved in this wedding and who could help you with your own wedding or event!

Wedding Coordinator: On Cloud9 Event Rentals

Make up and Hair Artist: MUAH STUDIO

Cake Artist: Kari’s Custom Cakes

Mr. and Mrs. Light Sign: Designs by Yutz

Flowers: Creations by Grace Florist

Videographers: EP Films

Bar Tender Services: On The Rocks Bar Service and Staffing

DJ: Darker Side DJ’s, Karaoke, and Photobooths

Live Band: La Soledad

Photographer: Viva La Marx Photography

If you are interested in a wedding photography consultation with me, please fill out the CONTACT form on this website or call 281-677-0934 to get in touch! Look forward to hearing from you!