I’m so excited to share with you Christa and Paul’s intimate wedding in Houston, which took place at Ouisie’s Table on River Oaks. This vintage and eclectic French venue offered the perfect space for Christa and Paul allowing for some greenery spaces in the patio, which is something that catered to Paul and Christa’s preferences.

Christa and Paul had been married for some time, but had never had the chance to throw their marriage the party it deserved! So, Houston happened to be the perfect place in their lives to make this celebration happen.

From this intimate wedding in the heart of Houston, I can say that I really enjoyed having a bride that was not traditional in their wedding attire. Christa went for what she liked! I never saw her change into different shoes, or into a different outfit, which attests to the level of comfort she was in. Honestly, I had never felt a wedding be celebrated to such a personal level, in which traditional standards never defined their wedding day/timeline.

Christa and Paul had their closest family and friends come to their wedding, where they enjoyed a delicious dinner, dessert, and a lit party. The best part, though, was the moment in which 6 meaningful toasts were given. It turned this wedding even more intimate and personal to the bride and groom. Each person had a personal story to tell about the journey Christa and Paul have walked together, it caused laughter, tears, and healthy human interactions, looks, and hugs.

I, myself, was very much into all the emotions that were running high and could not help myself from scanning the room for more reactions.

How many times do we see the bride and groom give toasts to one another in weddings? Well, Christa and Paul did! I thought it was very thoughtful of them to speak their minds and heart during their party. Well, I’ll correct myself, it was more than a party, it was a renewal of their commitment to each other.

I feel like this intimate wedding allowed for Christa and Paul to be more open about their reactions and showing their emotions because they knew they were surrounded by people they feel comfortable with.

While all of this emotional roller coaster is going on, Ouisie’s Table is serving delicious desserts to be enjoyed with the couple. The food and dessert detail was important too because each guest was allowed to choose what they wanted to eat from a menu. How cool is that?!

Notice that there hasn’t been any cake….hah! Christa and Paul further personalized their intimate wedding by having cupcakes, just the right size for those sweet-seekers!

Soon after great conversations, degustation, and palpable feelings, it was time to party!  Christa, Paul, and their guests did not wait to be called twice and joined the dance floor. They all proceeded to the patio, where Javier from LG Entertainment played their favorite music and catered specifically to their requests. May I mention that Javier was mixing live and was not playing from a computer?! It certainly adds character to your wedding believe it or not, as well as it’s a sign of the professionalism in your DJ, don’t you think? Look at how much fun they had!

Different from other photographers, (maybe?) I really enjoy photographing “party time”, especially at an intimate wedding, such as this one, because I feel that every one is important to the bride and groom. At this time, with the help of the wonderful event planner Kristi Varela at Keaton Events, we gathered the crowd for a sparkler exit, which was a great idea for entertaining your guests, addict magic to the celebration, and a great way to finish your wedding album. Yes, I’m all about printing that wedding album!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this blog post on the story of Christa and Paul and their intimate wedding in Houston. They were very pleased seeing their photos at their in person reveal. That’s right! they didn’t get to see their photos online, we got together and viewed them together. I believe in that personal connection. I can’t wait to deliver their framed portrait to be hung in their home.

If you are part of their wedding party, please check out the full gallery from their wedding by clicking: HERE!

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Thank you! Smile and celebrate love with Christa and Paula next time you see them by giving them a hug 🙂

See you soon!

Marixa Andrade

Photographer and Artist

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