Angel -Senior Session in Downtown Houston

Angel did his senior session in Downtown Houston because it depicts the world he wants to be a part of, an adventurous and limitless ones. Angel and I determined the location based on some questions I do at the initial contact meeting. Angel’s outgoing personality made the shoot a lot of fun.

You and I will get together to choose the location that best fits your personality and style. I’m very much an introvert, so you’ll be safe if you are more on the quiet side!

What to Expect When You Hire Me For  Your Senior Session in Downtown Houston or Anywhere Else!

When you choose me as your senior photographer, I will take into account your personality and your interests and from there I will suggest a couple of locations.

I suggest a couple of locations because this way you’ll get a variety of vibes and backdrops for your photo album.

Because you want your photo album to have variety, I also recommend you change into 2-3 different outfits; the formal one I suggest you make sure it goes well with your cap and gown.

Special Recommendations for Ladies Taking Senior Photos

For ladies graduating, in addition to the tips I already described, I recommend you wear comfortable shoes for walking and some high heels for posing; if that is what you prefer.

I also highly recommend you get your hair and make up done because I consider your senior session also a memory of your teenage years worth the extra attention to details. Professional hair and make up will elevate the look of your photos in addition to making you feel like a model! I highly recommend Amanda Lombardo for a natural look and Patricia Fonseca for a soft glam.

Overall, I want to make you feel comfortable, like you’re at the top of the world and ready to eat a small piece of it! I’ll guide you through every pose to make you look your best. Let’s do it!  You can easily reach me at 281-677-0934 or fill out the contact form on this website.

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Photography by Houston based Portrait Photographer Marixa Andrade

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