I am happy to show you Rosa and Johnathan’s family photos, both of them good friends of mine. I’ve been able to see their oldest daughter Aaliyah grow and now their young one, Kian!

Aaliyah enjoys photos and she was very helpful when it came to take her photos with Kian.

For their family photos, I wanted to include a combination of formal and candid photos, which I think we got. I went back to a fun family pose, which I enjoyed creating in the past with another family, and I hope to keep recreating it with other families, in which the children get to have some fun being upside down. It helps with their anxiety and energetic personalities!

Rosa and Johnathan, I hope to continue to capture your family’s memories, thank you for entrusting Viva La Marx Photography, I really hope you like your photos, and I’ll be more than happy to print them for you.

Click on the smaller images to view them large.

I really like doing some shots of the couple for family photos because I feel like romance should not end when starting a family.

These family photos would not be possible without Aaliyah, who helped me get a hold of Kian every time he would run away! Thank you Aaliyah!

I thought to do some candid shots of Rosa with Aaliyah and Johnathan with Kian and I really think it shows their relationship with one another. They both chose activities they normally enjoy doing with their children, even if very simple, Kian loves to get thrown into the air, and Aaliyah likes to play thumb war with her mom.

Overall, Rosa really wanted a very casual look, and we were able to get enough poses to do a family cluster on their home’s wall.

I hope you enjoyed Rosa and Johnathan’s family photos and that you consider doing your own. Remember to show off your family portraits to friends and other guests coming into your home, by printing and hanging the ones you love the most. I can help you put together clusters, albums, and more; don’t be afraid to ask!

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