Maribel and Gabriel Expecting Ruby, a Maternity Adventure. View their maternity photo session and learn how they planned it through 5 helpful tips that could make your session a success.

For this photo session we went to Roxborough State Park , a state park in Douglas County Colorado. We are all in love with the red rocks, but most importantly, we are all in love with nature, which is what Colorado offers the most.

I planned this session with the help of my sister, Jacqueline and together we came up with ideas to make the best out of this bohemian inspired adventure. Please keep us in mind for traveling photography, as we both enjoy leaving Houston for photography assignments.

Enjoy the photos and some tips on how to make your photo session your own.

Gabe Serenades Maribel
  1. What Hobby or Interests do You Have?

Gabriel loves music, so we thought it would be only appropriate that he played some music for Maribel and Ruby for this adventure filled maternity photo session. The photos not only have a personal appeal to them, by adding the musical instrument, but it also made it entertaining for dad-to-be.

2. Plan Your Wardrobe 

Maribel and I communicated about what the wardrobe should be. My advise is always to use clothing you like in color, comfort level, and that shows who you are. You want your portraits to reflect your personality. In this case, Maribel did a very good job picking clothing she felt comfortable in through out her pregnancy, colors she likes, and was able to mix and match Gabe’s clothing to her own. It was as easy as laying the clothes on the bed to see what went together; mix and match patterns and solid colors and layer when you can!

3. Create Meaningful Timeless Art with Your Portraits

We hardly ever imagine ourselves as art work, however, you can make art with portraits. Let your photographer guide you in how to make timeless portraits, meaning, photos that can hang on your wall and not look out of style as the years go by. For instance, with Maribel and Gabriel we used a road to represent this new life adventure together. It’s OK to look away from the camera and actually engage with your partner or your baby for these photos.

4. Choose at Least Two Locations, One of Them Being Your Home

Many times, you want to get out of the home to take photos, however, how many professional photos do you have of you doing the things you normally do at home? Once again, choose locations that will be meaningful to you 5, 20, even 30 years from now, and who knows, your grandchildren may even inherit these photos, so make them meaningful for them, show them who you are!

Choosing at least two locations is also important if you plan to make a photo album. Different locations and wardrobe changes will allow you to have different backgrounds and adventure in your book. I highly recommend albums for maternity-newborn sessions, as all of  these memories can be inherited by your children over time in a single book of photos.

5. Print Your Photos!

So you hired a photographer to take professional photos of you, so it only makes sense that you also invest in professional prints! Do yourself a favor and stop storing your memories in USB drives, computers, and cell phones, since those crash, get stolen, and get outdated all the time. Make sure you invest in printing. Ask yourself, how would I like to show my grandchildren my memories?

I can help you print, this way you don’t have to make time out of your busy schedule already. I will guide you on the how, why’s and what to print; we can figure it out together!

I hope you found this blog post beautiful and helpful. Please help me share it or comment on it, so I know what’s on your mind.



Natural Flower Head Band by: Viva La Marx Photography

Collaborating Photographer that made idea workflow possible: J. Andrade Visual Arts