My name is Marixa and I am a Houston boudoir photographer. The word boudoir comes from the french word bedroom, which essentially refers to a photo session of a woman in the intimacy of a bedroom setting or atmosphere. As you already may imagine, every woman dresses in her bedroom differently and the sensuality you evoke is unique to your personality.

In your consultation, we will determine what you are looking to accomplish with your boudoir session. I will also help you decide on your outfits, make up and hair, and talk about your expectations. Also, never be afraid to address personal insecurities with me.

Your boudoir session is meant to free you from your insecurities and I want you to know you can trust me with them. Being a self conscious person myself, I understand if you have a preferential side or if there’s a part of your body that bothers you. I have six toes, for instance, but no one notices but me! Hah! There I said it to the inter webs in hopes of giving you reassurance. Don’t make me regret it!

Just so you know, most of these insecurities can be taken care of by properly posing you, using light correctly, wearing the right lingerie for your body type, and post production editing–that’s what my job as a photographer consists of, so let me guide you and have some fun!

Who takes boudoir photos?

Women take boudoir sessions for different reasons. Vanity may be the first thing that comes to your mind, but it’s not always the main reason women have boudoir photos done.

You  may be in a phase in your life where you are facing  or overcoming challenges and photography becomes a good outlet for you to portray your feelings. These are some of the reasons you may be considering a boudoir session: You want to document your body before a baby, your body while pregnant, your body after having a baby, your celebration of weight loss, your motivation to weight loss. You may be celebrating your body image, your single hood, overcoming your depression, overcoming abuse, celebrating you got divorced, or you are trying to overcome self esteem issues. Whatever it may be that is driving you to do this boudoir session, rest assured you will feel more confident and empowered after you do it!

A boudoir session is also a good idea for a bachelorette party! It’s a great celebration of your last days of single hood while giving your bridesmaids a fun experience where you all get your hair and make up done, and take this personal keepsake from your wedding process home. It’s a perfect atmosphere to relax, feel beautiful, and have fun!

Nowadays, couples boudoir is also a thing! How many times have you thought, wouldn’t it be cool if someone could capture steamy pictures of me and my partner? Well, a boudoir session may be the way to go about it.

All of these circumstances are valid and special opportunities to capture you in some level of intimacy. Also before I forget, I just want to mention that I will never force you to take off more clothes than you want to. Also, rest assured, that you will always receive artistic and tasteful photos from me.

How do I prepare for my boudoir session?

Preparing for your boudoir session is not complicated. The main thing is getting the guts to do it! But once you’re past that, then we will get on the phone to talk about why you are doing the session. We will also address your expectations, concerns, and talk about fun things like make up, outfits, and how you will be displaying your photos!

More beauty tips are available and I’m constantly coming up with ideas to help you take the most out of your boudoir experience. You can find some of these helpful tips on my blog content or by signing up to my newsletter. When you book you will receive a digital guide with more information and links to purchase your lingerie, should you not have any yet.

One thing is for sure, the day of your session, plan a girl’s night out or a romantic date with your significant other because after getting all dolled up it would seriously be a waste to go home!

How long is a boudoir session?

A boudoir session with Viva La Marx Photography, a local Houston boudoir photographer, is anywhere between 1-3 hours. When you first come in you will get your make up and hair done while eating some light snacks, this process may take about an hour. The rest of the time we spend making your photos! I recommend 2-4 changes, which are subjective to how fast you are at changing clothes. If you know changing clothes will eat your time, go with less  clothes changes. Remember that ultimately, the main focus is on you, not your outfits!

What products can I purchase from my boudoir session?

A week or so after your session we meet in person again and I reveal you your session for the first time! Yay, this is the emotional part! I may get to see you cry, take your hands to your face in disbelief, cry “omg!” and all the good feelings.

At this time you will decide to purchase the photos you actually want to take home. I have three products you can choose from: wall art, albums, and story boxes. You can choose one, a combination, or all. All prints are made at professional labs using the best technology available with an artistic result in mind.

Wall art is for you if you would like something hanging in your home or bedroom. These are large prints, white matted, ready to be framed.

Albums are a nice way to keep most if not all of your session in a single place. The albums are artistically designed to appreciate every photo and are a great gift for your significant other.

Story boxes is a box that contains a collection of loose prints of the exact same size. Each photo comes matted and can be framed if you wish too. This is a perfect item for people who want the versatility of framing as well as having discrete storage of the rest of their photos.

Digitals are available as a direct match up to your printed product or as an add on.

For every session, you only purchase what you love. There are no minimum purchase requirements or pressure to buy something you don’t want. My service to you is to serve you with what you need and what will make you happy. For reference, individual matted prints start at $150 and albums and story boxes start at $1200.

Do you only do photos in the Houston area?

Although I’m primarily a Houston boudoir photographer, I also travel. One of my common destinations may be Denver, Longmont and Boulder Colorado. Internationally I go to Mexico City, Guanajuato, Campeche, Merida, Yucatan, and the state of Quintana Roo Mexico.

I’m a good fit for you internationally if you plan to go on vacation to Mexico or you are from there and want to be captured by someone who is also local to Houston. Travel fees may apply or are subject to negotiation.

When I travel and plan for your boudoir session, I may do what is called a boudoir marathon. A boudoir marathon refers to photographing women back to back. You may do this with your friends or you may reserve a spot with women you may not even know. It doesn’t mean you take photos with these other women, it just means you will share the space with other women for a short amount of time (example, while you are getting your hair and make up done, I am photographing another woman).

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